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Service and repair


In addition to producing boilers, BKC is also engaged in providing service. We do this for existing boilers, but also our appendages. For example, we already assemble the motors on our valves, so that our customers only have to install them in the field. We think of the added value that we as BKC can provide and are open to feedback from our customers.


Many people know that products need maintenance. Unfortunately, it does happen that this is sometimes forgotten or that things need to be repaired over the years.

As BKC, we offer possibilities for repairs to existing boilers. We do not limit ourselves to our own boilers, but we also carry out repairs to third-party boilers.

Flame tube renewals

Flame tubes are an important part of the efficiency of the boiler. Unfortunately, it can happen that they leak over time. As a result, the efficiency decreases and water can get into the fire tunnel.

If this is the case, we can offer a temporary or permanent solution. For example, fire tube plugs will suffice for the short term and replacement is often desirable in the longer term.

We have the expertise in-house and would of course like to hear if we can use it for you.