Boeters Kettles Construction is the specialist in the field of boiler construction, with more than 80 years of experience we are specialists in building both hot water and low-pressure steam boilers. Our solid one-pass boilers type BBK are known for their very low NOX emissions due to the use of large diameter combustion chambers. Our robust three-pass boilers type WND with a large heated surface have also been used all over the world for many years. If repair is required after many years of service, you have come to the right place.

Flue gas condensers

Efficiency is of course very important in heating, which is why we not only supply the boiler but also a flue gas condenser. This is mounted behind the boiler, flue gases are reduced here by means of finned tubes from +/- 180°C to 40-60°C depending on the return temperature. Below 60°C, the flue gases are ready for use as CO2 fertilizer for the crop.


We also have an extensive range of products and options for controlling your water-side installation. For example, you can contact us for: butterfly valves with lever/worm gear or drive, mixing valves and mixing valves with drive, non-return valves and spring-loaded safety valves. We like to think along and customer satisfaction is very important to us.


In cooperation with our partner company TK-Topboiler we can also make you a suitable offer for ASME / CELO / PED certified boiler. More information can be found on their own website.

Tank storage – GROVO Tuinbouw

In collaboration with our partner GROVO Tuinbouw, we can also provide you with a suitable offer for storage tanks for horticulture.