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Boilers – ASME / SELO


Boeters Ketel Constructie B.V and TK-Topboiler B.V. started a collaboration in December 2022. The two companies are both active in the boiler industry and have decided to join forces to offer their customers an even better service.

Boeters Ketel Construction B.V. specializes in the design and production of high-quality customized boilers. The company has built an excellent reputation in the horticultural sector and is known for its innovative solutions and excellent customer service.

TK-Topboiler B.V. is a leading supplier of high-quality horticultural boilers under approval. The company has extensive experience and expertise. Since 2004, all TK -Topboiler boilers are produced by HKB boiler solutions in Venlo. The boilers are produced according to strict quality requirements.

The cooperation between TK-Topboiler and BKC will enable them to share knowledge and expertise and thus provide even better solutions for the complex challenges their customers face. By combining their resources, they can offer a wider range of solutions and work faster and more efficiently.

Boeters Ketel Construction B.V. and TK-Topboiler B.V. are determined to continue to provide their customers with high-quality solutions and excellent service, and look forward to a fruitful collaboration in the years to come.