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Collaboration with OSH

In collaboration with OSH, we can supply the Dutch horticultural sector with E-boilers from the Värmebaronen brand. The Swedish brand has existed for 50 years and has been represented in the Dutch utility industry for years by One Solutions Holland. (OSH)

Because the imbalance on the electricity grid is increasing due to more and more solar and wind energy being produced, the demand for flexibility has increased. BKC sees the E-boiler as a ‘perfect sustainable addition’, especially in horticulture where large heat buffers and heavy electrical connections are often already present.

The electric boilers are available as single units up to 1400 kW 400V or 1500 kW 690V. Connected in series, even greater capacities can be achieved.

E-boilers with 30 steps control – EP 900-1500 TL

The EP 900-1500 TL E boilers are available in different capacities ranging from 900 to 1500kW. The capacity is divided into 30 steps depending on the heat demand. Due to the energy transition, traditional central heating systems are used less and less. Sustainable systems have replaced this. The E-boiler offers the possibility to absorb the peak capacity of these new systems. In addition, it is used in waterborne systems and industrial processes. The E-boiler is equipped with a thermostat that ensures that the temperature is kept constant.


  • Available in 900, 1080, 1200 and 1400 kW as 400V variant and 1500 kW as 690V.
  • 30 stairs
  • 610 liters
  • Dimensions: 1638mm x 2037mm x 1327mm (WxLxH)
  • Weight: 930kg
  • Pipe: DN150/PN16
  • Flow temperature between 20 and 95°C
  • If more power is required, the boilers can be placed in series

Advantages of the EP900-1500

There are several features that make it easy to use and install the E-boilers.

  • Flanged or threaded: all pipe connections are flanged or threaded. This allows the boiler to be easily disconnected. In addition, the larger diameter in the connections ensures smaller circulation pumps.
  • All-pole switch: the all-pole switch shuts off all incoming power if a fault has been detected by the boiler controller. This is important to maintain high security.
  • Water level sensor: the built-in float sensor immediately gives an alarm if the water level is not sufficiently filled. This eliminates the risk of the boiler ‘boiling dry’, which could cause damage.
  • Panel: the E-boiler is equipped with a panel that can be easily monitored.
  • Earth Leakage Meter: The Earth Leakage Meter monitors the immersion heaters for early indication of a fault. This avoids expensive emergency replacements and possible consequential failures.
  • Devisible flange: the divisible cable flange allows the panel to be opened and installation is simplified.
  • Smart control: a controller with many functions, including getting information such as pressure, temperatures, alarms, etc.
  • Safety Kit (accessory): the E-boilers can be supplied with a safety kit.