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Flue gas condenser

The BRC condenser is supplied separately with a mounting flange, which can easily be mounted on the boiler smoke tray. The condenser is supplied with a flue gas valve for emergency operation on oil (maximum 2×24 hours), this valve will close the fin package so that the flue gases go directly to the chimney. The heat exchanger is made of aluminum fin tube Ø63 mm. There is an inspection hatch for visual inspection. There is a 2″ connection for draining.

The following safety set is included in the delivery:

  • 2x overflow valve, maximum air pressure switch and maximum thermostat
  • Limit switch for light oil position indication
  • Two flue gas thermometers Ø50 mm and two water thermometers Ø60 mm
  • Aluminium steam trap with 2″ drain